Book Review: A Curious Woman by Jess Lea

A murder mystery that keeps you guessing. I truly did not guess the culprit 

Bess lives in a tiny home with her chickens. She works at an odd ball museum until something terrible happens resulting in her and a rival museum operator become suspects.

This story carefully unfolds little by little. What I really liked was the quirkiness of all characters in this small town. Usually I get confused when there are so many players. But that never happened. Every single person was unique and purposeful to keep the reader trying to solve the case. 

I’m not a fan of time gaps. The epilogue takes place 3 months later. While it wraps everything up nicely, I was a little disappointed with how the main romance was handled. It didn’t seem consistent with how the main book ended. 

I recommend to those who like murder mystery, quirky characters, tiny houses, and chickens. 

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