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Category Archives: 3 Star

Book Review: Lost in Love by Emily Banting

Anna is a 30-something researcher that has had to upend her life to move back to her small English hometown to take care of her ailing father. She has no trust of doctors after her experience with them when her mother was dying. So it

Book Review: Cowgirl by Nance Sparks

Carol is living out of her suitcase after graduating college. She had always thought she would head home after finishing school, but her parents are no longer around. So she is staying with extended family while she figures out what she wants to do with

Book Review: Give In To Me by Elle Spencer

Whitney is the author of a popular suspense series. Unfortunately, the last book fell flat because it was likely impacted by the divorce she went through with a well known actress. Now she is doing public speaking engagements and hoping to get her mojo back.

Book Review: Liberty Bay by Karis

There are so many social media stars/influencers in the world now, that it was interesting to see that profession make it to the pages in a lesfic romance. I really felt for Gina and her loss of self as she had to leave her world

Book Review: When Spark Fly by Annie McDonald

This book was OK. I liked how the two mc’s had a bit of history. This touched upon hockey and injuries. Strong family and chosen family elements. But if I remember quickly, I felt like it was a bit insta love.

Book Review: The Rainbow Race by Cate Summers

My biggest complaint about this book was that it seemed so adolescent. Which makes sense, because it is geared toward that audience, I think. Still… I didn’t really understand the infatuation/attraction? I would have liked to have felt something deeper and with a bit more

Book Review: The Thing About Tilly by G Benson

Wow, did I have some strong feelings about this book. This was full of angst, so should have been a big winner for me. But it wasn’t. I loved Benson’s book ‘Who’d of Thought’ so I had high expectations. This was longer than it needed

Book Review: The Holiday Treatment by Elle Spencer

Holly works at a television network and she is the head writer for the Christmas movies they produce. She has a major work crush on a new boss. While on her annual I-want-nothing-to-do-with-Christmas beach vacation, she discovers that the object of her work fantasies is

Book Review: The Big Tow by Ann McMan

‘Nick’ is an attorney who gets laid off. She falls into to doing repo work with some interesting characters. She meets a cute teacher at the office and they get ordered to repossess a series of increasingly bizarre vehicles. This book was just OK for

Book Review: Best Practice by Carsen Taite

 I have really enjoyed this series about a group of friends that start a small law practice together, thinking they would be able to set the rules and create a nice work/life balance. But starting any business is hard work and they have found themselves