Book Review: Iris Kelly Doesn’t Date by Ashley Herring-Blake

Stevie is having a hard time dealing with her ex, who is also her best friend, who is happy in love with their other friend. Typical lesbian friend group, am-I-right? Stevie needs to move on, but her anxiety has kept her hiding in a café, working as a barista in Portland, while all her acting opportunities have run dry.

Iris is tired of her family trying to set her up with people for long term relationships. Of which she has absolutely zero interest in. Her friends are all coupled up and want her to open herself up to the potential of finding someone special. All she wants is casual sex. Name not required.

After an awkward but endearing meet-cute between Stevie and Iris, the universe decides that their acquaintance should be extended. They find that there are things they can learn from one another that could be mutually beneficial. So they work on those things together.

I’m not sure what was wrong with me, but I didn’t feel the chemistry between Stevie and Iris. I mostly felt like there was some type of imbalance between the two of them. Stevie’s self-esteem is damaged because of her ended relationship and the anxiety she must deal with. She is written to have a lack of confidence. Whereas Iris is bubbly, outgoing, vivacious, experienced, etc. Sure, opposites attract and all of that, but I just didn’t feel it like I wanted to.

Overall, it was an entertaining read with some sweet moments and grand gestures.

I recommend this to people who love to read about romance, friend groups, theater, Shakespeare, fake relationships, and amalgams.

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