Book Review: Breaking The Ice by K.R. Collins

I can’t imagine a better review than saying that I am now interested in hockey? I’m going to have to find some games to watch. 

Sophie is a top notch female hockey player that has entered the NAHL draft. She is so good that she is expecting to be drafted #2. 

I really had fun reading this. I’m totally into sports, so all of the game action was exciting. Not too long and descriptive. It was just the right amount of play to get across what was needed to move the plot forward each time. And I didn’t know a bit about hockey before reading this and still followed along OK.

There was so much going on in this book and the pacing was fantastic. No long lulls. Literally everything just kept racing along with enough detail given to every component.

The strongest aspect of this story was relationship building. There was a great cast of characters that truly added support when needed. 

I wasn’t expecting anything LGBT because of the reviews I had read. But this is the first in a series, so I’m guessing we will see it move in that direction with future installments. 

And there was something that had me confused. They kept talking about a potential trade but it was previously stated that only one NAHL team petitioned to allow females on the team for the season. So I wasn’t sure why a trade could even be a possibility. Maybe I missed something.

Overall, I was fully entertained. I recommend this to sports lovers and those who love women that pave the way for other women. 

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