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Book Review: Taking A Shot At Love by KC Richardson

Insecurity. Celeste is a university English professor. She has only had one relationship in her life that she had to leave because the woman ended up being abusive. Lisa is the basketball coach at the same university. She doesn’t have time for relationships because she

Book Review: Sophomore Surge by K.R. Collins

Sophomore slump. The first book in this series surprised me in the best way. We got to know Sophie Fournier and take a journey with her as she experienced her first year in the NAHL. She had to overcome all of the obstacles that come

Book Review: Where The Lies Hide by Renee Rowan

The lies were so well hidden, I didn’t even recognize them. Cam is a Private Investigator with a troubled childhood. Sarah is a Welder and Artist who finds out she has a twin brother upon her mother’s recent death. Sarah hires Cam to find the

Book Review: Gotta Catch Her by Kelly Haworth

An interesting concept for story. Ann has a corporate job and is struggling with a client audit. In her free time, she plays a game called Ani-min, that takes you out to places to find objects and have battles. Rachael is a flustered single mom

Book Review: Without Pretense by T.J. Thomas

I really don’t like giving negative reviews, but it was honestly difficult for me to get through this book.  Ava, a famous violinist, meets Bianca on a bench. After a time gap they reunite and find they will be spending a lot of time together

Book Review: Break My Fall by Olive North

No A down and out writer meets an enigmatic barista while doing a book signing. But the writer is oh so too damaged. What will happen? This was predictable and hit some pet peeves of mine. Told in alternating point of view. It left no