Book Review: Where The Lies Hide by Renee Rowan

The lies were so well hidden, I didn’t even recognize them.

Cam is a Private Investigator with a troubled childhood. Sarah is a Welder and Artist who finds out she has a twin brother upon her mother’s recent death. Sarah hires Cam to find the brother so that she can not be alone in life.

This was a tough book for me to get through. I liked the premise but it mostly left me feeling frustrated. The back and forth between the two main characters was exhausting. The Sarah character was described as conflicting nice but feisty. But ultimately she just came across as demanding, selfish, and insensitive. 

There was too much exposition going on in their heads. Long and repetitive. Side characters were not well fleshed out and only superficially appeared throughout. The intimate scenes felt disjointed. They started calling each other baby and honey too fast which felt inauthentic. 

Certain aspects of the story felt unresolved. Cam’s ailment was frequent and then suddenly stopped with no explanation. Cam felt like she was saying goodbye to her savior, Liz, but there was never any resolution to that thought. Sarah’s art sculpture was going to get some attention but we never found out how it did.

There was a sentence that really bothered me about Cam’s bowels turning to liquid at the thought of something or other. 

And nothing really happened. Even the end was rushed and anticlimactic. 

I’m giving it 2 stars because it did make me feel some emotion about the 90% mark, at least.

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