Book Review: Shared History by Emma Chamberlain and Blythe Stone

Just couldn’t get into this one

A lawyer unexpected encounters her ex who is opposing a plan to develop where a historical building currently resides. Really, the plot had so much potential. 

They are both damaged by how things ended between them in college. But still obviously have feelings for each other all these years later. Still promising storyline.

The problem I had with this is that they seemed so juvenile. As if their personalities froze when things ended in college. The dialogue for all characters seemed younger than how they should be speaking as professional adults. 

We are never provided any depth as to why they had such strong feelings in college or present. Just that they used to be together and had great sex. And that was really all they had in the present, too.

And they were so clingy and obsessed. It was truly awkward. Instead of rooting for them, I felt like they should move on because this is going to be a really unhealthy dependent relationship.

I don’t mean to seem so negative, but I just didn’t care for much about this one. I skim read the last 1/4 just to finish.

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