Book Review: The Woman At The Edge Of Town by Georgette Kaplan

Whew! I was not expecting this intriguing and highly erotic story. 

Sarah is a 20 year-old woman who has left college to move back in with her mother. Neither of them have really healed since the lost of their father/husband.

Nina is a 27 year-old wealthy recluse that invites Sarah to work for her as her gardener. 

I have to be honest. At first, I didn’t think I would be able to get through it. The author was trying to add strange prose and humor in the beginning that fell flat for me. After the first chapter, the story got into its groove. More focus on the story as opposed to random thoughts in Sarah’s head. 

The anticipation of something sparking between Sarah and Nina was fun to experience. I love it when we get to wait for some sort of payoff. And there was definite payoff. 

The first intimate scene should be on a list of hottest sex scenes of 2019. It was also a little awkward. But awkwardness led to more sexiness. So everyone wins. Then Nina begins to introduce a BDSM element to their activities. 

I enjoyed how things were handled between the two main characters. There was an age gap. It was only 7 years, but with Sarah only being 20, that gap felt larger than normal. They both had backstory that led them to who they are today and they had to navigate many challenges together. They grew together. So this was really an erotic story with depth.

I would have liked to know or feel more of what attracted Nina to Sarah. We get tons of insight as to how Sarah is questioning, lusting, and feeling. But Nina always is an enigma. A mystery. And that isn’t BAD as it plays into the curious atmosphere of the book. There is a constant wonder of if Nina is all that she appears to be or something more sinister. 

Overall, I was really into this. I usually like my books with a good amount of prudishness, so imagine my surprise at how much I liked this one that is filled with a ton of naughty throughout. 

I recommend this to people who like romance, age gap, erotica, BDSM, and Keds.

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