Book Review: Counting On Love by RL Burgess

Zoe is a great employee and has a big crush on the CEO, Reyna. Zoe’s friends and psychiatrist think she is sabotaging herself from real connection by focusing on the unattainable. 

Despite this book being very formulaic and not offering any particular new settings or situations, I still really enjoyed it. 

I liked the main characters as well as the supporting ones. Zoe and Reyna both had backstories that impacted their thoughts and actions. I thought they were both likable and I was rooting for their happiness.

There was a nice depth to the story that made me feel invested in how things turned out. It made me cry. Like…a lip quivering cry. So it definitely hit at the heart during a few angsty moments. 

There was a sex scene in this. It was very quick, appropriate, and not extremely explicit. Just the way I like them.

I recommend this to people who enjoy reading about romance, friendships, the corporate world, unexpected parenting, coping with loss, Alice Springs, and financial improvement.

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