Book Review: A Town Called Noelle by MK Hardy

Release Date: Dec 2, 2019
Publisher: NineStar Press

Lights out.

Brooke has to visit the town she fled years ago to take care of some loose ends as a result of her estranged mother’s death. She was left with some property that she is eager to get rid of. But there is a feisty owner of a bakery who doesn’t appreciate the gift of eviction

I loved how Holly didn’t know how to play nice with Brooke. She would try and then become so upset that she could not control what she would say. I’m always up for a good enemies to lovers story. Since this is novella length, it didn’t get too carried away. But there was enough conflict to make things interesting.

Both women were dealing with sad things from their past and trying to move forward the best way they knew how. I wish that we would have had a few more scenes with the two getting to know each other so that I could feel a deeper connection. Again, this was so short, there really wasn’t the opportunity for that. Emotions did come across, though, so the author did well considering.

There was some uncertain texting that made me smile.

Overall, this was a cute holiday read. It was exactly what you would expect from this type of story.

I recommend to those who like to read about romance, small towns, small business, estranged family, overcoming loss, and drinking to take the edge off.

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