Book Review: Across The Dark Horizon by Tagan Shepard

An anxious race for survival.

Gail Moore is in charge of a colony on the moon that is mostly populated by death row prisoners. They riot and take partial control. 

Charlie Hawk is the Major of an army special forces team on earth that is called to handle the perilous situation on the moon.

There is always something intriguing happening or new information to uncover with each page turn.

The author does a great job of world building. She describes everything in a way that seems feasible and believable. From domes with three layer protection to a system designed to gradually limit power usage upon entering the 14 day span on the dark side of the moon. The reader is completely immersed in the corporate space habitat project.

The relationship between Gail and Hawk begins on a rough note where the two of them don’t meat eye to eye. But as the days pass, a mutual attraction forms. This is a distraction that Hawk does not need as resolving the conflict becomes increasingly tenuous. We wonder if there is any way possible that these two can get together as they face the very real threat of death.

This book has it all. Action, suspense, depth, steamy scenes, love, etc.

The only thing that could have elevated this would have been to make Gail a bit more likable. She comes off as cold and detached. Always at conflict with Hawk in the beginning. There isn’t anything that really convinces the reader that Hawk should fall for her. A couple of instances of emotional connection could have bridged the gap.

Overall, this was a really entertaining read. 

I recommend to those who likes romance, space, prison settings, takeovers, butch army heroes, and oxygen.

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