Book Review: All The Reasons I Need by Jamie Clevenger

I could not wait for this follow-up to ‘Three Reasons To Say Yes.’ 

When you love a book so much, there is always the fear that your high expectations will not be met with future installments. No worries with this one. 

Mo and Kate were tiptoeing around each other in book one. So it makes sense that this story would center around them and provide resolution to those outstanding questions we had. What are Kate’s issues that she would not even voice to her best friends? And what is the long history between Mo and Kate that has kept them from dating?

The author continues with high quality writing, believable dialogue, and hurt-your-heart-so-good moments. There is just something about how Clevenger tells a story that sucks you in. 

Another book, another vacation destination. The group of friends have swapped waterfalls in Hawaii for snorkeling and beaches in Mexico. I enjoyed the activities more in this one than the last. Ping pong, salsa dancing, and rides around the island vs. hotel pools and drives to waterfalls. 

The last book dealt with Julia’s sexual issues, Reed’s commitment issues, and a serious illness. In this one, all of the issues have to do with Kate. This was the ONLY small problem I had. I felt like it could have been a tad stronger if the issues were balanced between multiple characters like before. Because I got a BIT annoyed with Kate. Her insecurities seemed repetitive and sometimes contrived to keep Kate and Mo apart. 

But who really cares about that?! It was so good that it didn’t matter much in the grand scheme of things. This made me laugh, kept my heart working overtime, and caused me to cry a few times. Mo and Kate are so cute together. You could really tell that they were so comfortable together after 16 years of friendship. So it was unique in that way of only being awkward because of potentially crossing over to something more. Anyhow, I loved it.

If there is a book three, I propose a Julia and Reed wedding in Lake Tahoe as the setting. 

I recommend this to everyone who loved ‘Three Reasons To Say Yes’ And if you didn’t read that, then I recommend you read it. Then read this. You won’t be disappointed.

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