Book Review: All The Worlds Between Us by Morgan Lee Miller

First love.

Quinn is a senior in high school. But she is not your typical teenager. She has a strict training schedule outside of school because she is swimming athlete going for Olympic qualification.

Kennedy is a popular senior at the same school. She has been ignoring Quinn since she arrived back in town their Sophomore year. She becomes a distraction for Quinn that could jeopardize her Olympic aspirations. 

The story had a nice flow that took us through the entire final year of high school. There were plenty of angsty moments to kept me engaged. Kennedy and Quinn had a slew of friends that played parts in this story. Gabriel was my favorite. 

The relationship between Quinn and Kennedy was initially surprising as it is rooted with some backstory. This made it feel authentic. 

I struggled with the tone of the book overall. I felt like this should be YA as it deals with high school. But there were explicit sex scenes. 

All the usual topics addressed: Crushes, Coming Out, Bullying, etc. 

The ending was… meh. 

I recommend to those who like to read romance, high school stories, angst, and croggling.

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