Book Review: Always A Love Song by Charley Clarke

An emotional journey of trying to recapture a lost love. 

Bridgette left her girlfriend, Alex, 5 years ago to move to New York and pursue her musical aspirations. Time has been good to both of them. Bridgette found the success she was looking for and is now a major pop star and Alex is the owner of a cafe and a bar in their home town. Bridgette has never stopped loving Alex and returns for a second chance at love.

This was engaging from beginning to end. Told in 3rd person, we can sit back and enjoy the story of Bridgette and Alex. The book alternates between now and then. I don’t mind flashbacks, but I know there are many who do. I have a feeling that this style will not bother those readers. It was done very well, and everything that happened then really impacted the now. It was all very relevant and added so much more engrossment. It felt like a mystery unfolding as to what caused the demise of their relationship.

The author did a great job at creating moments between the characters that made you believe they were truly in love and meant to be. That helped balance the book because a lot of what happens in the now is very charged in heartbreak and betrayal. Like Bridgette and Alex, you spend most of the book wondering how possible it is to move beyond their past. 

This story went deeper than most second chance stories I’ve read. I had chest tingles throughout most of it. 

There were a few places that I felt some thoughts or dialogue were redundant. And I really wanted to have some meddling occur from either the friends or mom. But other than that, this was nearly perfect.

I should also mention to those who do not like cheesy song lyrics in books, you can rest assured that doesn’t occur here. Which was a nice surprise since it is very much centered around a musician and love songs.

I recommend to those who like to read about romance, second chances, best friends who become more, musicians, and true love.

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