Book Review: Answering The Call by Ali Vali

I couldn’t finish this. I tried and tried but gave up around the 40% mark. 

I think this works as a standalone even though it is a series. The author explains important things from the past that are integral to the plot of this one 

I had a hard time with the amount of characters. Many in Keegan’s family. Many in Sept’s family. All the people on Sept’s team. Writer and her father. Several branches of law enforcement. Some sex workers, Killer. Etc. Seriously too many to keep track of. 

The romance had already been established in book 1 so there was not any anticipation or interest from that side of things. And whoever is doing the killing this time is referencing kills from book 1 so that didn’t catch my interest either. 

Really wish I could have gotten through this as a lot of people have left positive reviews.

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