Book Review: Because I Said So by Karin Kallmaker

Love hurts.

Kesa is clothing designer who lives with her 19 year-old sister, Josie, that she has taken care of ever since their parents died. Shannon is a US Marshal Analyst that is guardian-like to a 20 year old, Paz. Josie and Paz just met and are already determined to get married. Kesa and Paz try to convince them that love at first sight does not exist and they need to be practical and wait before making such a big decision.

Something I liked about this story were the relationships. Whether it was between sisters, friends, guardians, or customers, every interaction felt rich with connection. I thought the concept of denouncing love at first sight while fighting the fact that it probably has happened was entertaining. 

I don’t usually care for stories where the main characters are apart for any great length of time. And this story sort of felt like that. The author goes into a lot of detail about their professions. I felt it was too much unnecessary information. I would have edited quite a bit out to help the story not drag as much as it did in places. The book was very repetitive. Go to work. Internal Debate. Go home. Fight with sister. Go to Majhong. Repeat about 5 times. Even every outing was to repeat places. There was some health drama with Kesa’s chosen family and I don’t understand how that enhanced the story or moved it forward. 

Overall, it was just an OK read for me. It was entertaining with bouts of skim reading. 

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