Book Review: Big Girl Pill by KD Williamson

Release Date: Dec 3, 2019
Publisher: Dirt Road Books

Maya is a corporate team building coordinator. She left home to avoid her best friend who she had feelings for. Nina is the best friend who has been trying to stay in touch with Maya because she doesn’t want to lose her friendship. Nina’s wedding brings Maya back as a bridesmaid, convinced that if watching the love of her life get married to man doesn’t throw a cold bucket of water on her feelings, then nothing will.

First, I loved that this was a biracial romance. Maya is black and it was refreshing to have her family be the larger focus in this book. It feels like I read white femme romances ad nauseum.

This story did a really good job of building up to something. You know that Maya has feelings and you are desperate to find out what happened between her and Nina. Once you know, it is a mystery if Nina reciprocates those feelings deep down or not. Then there is just so much anticipation of if the two will come together at some point.

There were other things going on outside of the will they/won’t they status of Maya and Nina. One of Maya’s brothers is flailing a bit and needs a push in the right direction. her other brother is spending too much time working and not keeping things together at home.

Nina’s mom was an outrageously nasty woman. It is hard for me to read characters that have zero redeeming qualities and never have a come to Jesus moment.

I liked Nina’s cousin but was constantly struggling picturing her. Her personality felt more butchy than she was actually described. So it was throwing me off a little.

Overall, it was an entertaining second chance romance. Girl falls for her straight best friend. What is that saying? A noodle is straight until it gets wet? Seems fitting here.

I recommend this to those who like to read about pining for someone you can’t have, team building, weddings, nasty mothers, boring fiances, weed vape pens, and kitchen intimacy.

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