Book Review: Breaking Character by Lee Winter

Second read / listen.

So everyone knows that I’m having a difficult time with audio books. But this one was extremely well done. Thanks to those who suggested I should listen to this one to get out of the bad narrator rut.

And I don’t know if it was the narration or what, but I ended up liking the book even better than the first time.


I think I went into this with too high of expectations based on all of the ARC reviews. I was a bit let down. Don’t get me wrong, this was a really solid story. I love fake romance and celebrity themes. 

The characters were all fleshed out and everything felt believable. 

I felt annoyed with how long the Grace thing panned out. And I just didn’t understand Elizabeth’s draw. Even as it was plainly explained for the readers. I hated that character. I know we were supposed to but still. 

And Summer always came across as immature. A young person with a crush and infatuation. It never really felt like anything beyond that to me. 

So this is sounding harsher than I really mean to be. It is much better than I’m making it sound. 

I liked the weaving from personal to set. And how the emotions bled through so that the lines were often blurred. There was always a sense of anticipation. I liked the length of the book. I wasn’t able to quickly devour it. I kept looking at the percentage and feeling glad that I wasn’t even close to being finished. So see? I DID like it!

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