Book Review: Breathe by Cari Hunter


That is what you will be feeling several times throughout this book as Jem and Rosie find themselves in intense scenarios time and again. Jem is an asthmatic paramedic. Rosie is a hairdressing police officer. They meet when called to the same scene early on. 

This book is well written, has great characters, and delivers excitement through suspenseful situations. I loved the dialogue between everyone. Rosie was swoon worthy. Jem was sweet and a bit misguided. Both were flawed women navigating their lives. 

Very slow burn. In fact, the romance aspect is not exactly front and center. The ongoing investigation into a kid’s death is the driving story line. Which is OK. It felt extremely well balanced and natural. I am primarily a romance reader and sometimes can get bored while reading things happening outside of the budding love between main characters. With this one, I was truly engrossed.. It didn’t just keep my attention, it demanded it.

Not sure if this will be the beginning of another series. I felt like we didn’t have much closure/resolution from Jem and Rosie’s families. They were kind of there for creating backstory and I was surprised they didn’t feature in the epilogue at all. But that is just being super nit picky.

Oh, and this full on contains Brit speak. Biccies, wellies, brew, meat pie, boots, blokes, bloody hell, mates, taking the piss, kerbs, bollocks, pillock, lads, tyres, arse, cheeky git, sod off, knob, butty, hallo, right-o, hen, a fiver, copper, cock of your fringe, footy, mam, mum, sozzled, rabble, bugger, aye, etc. I need a translator for some of it.

I recommend this to people who like to read good books, paramedics, police officers, detectives, doctors, rock climbing, runaways, potential romance, action, suspense, investigations, and Twix straws.

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