Book Review: Camilla & Laura by SD Simper

A quick read

Laura lives a lonely life with her father on an inherited estate. They witness a carriage overturn on a walk one evening. They agree to take in a sickly young woman, Carmilla, until her mother returns in a few months time. 

Carmilla is odd and suspiciously amorous.

Laura isn’t sure what draws her to Carmilla, but she is positive it is wrong, evil, and sinful. 

Laura finds herself having to come to terms with the future she desires and if she has what it takes to secure it. 

This was fairly short and quick to get through. I don’t think I felt the ‘love’ as much as I should have. Definitely chemistry, though. And I thought the intimate scenes were really beautiful. Not clinical or smut like. Instead they seemed romantic. 

Not as good as her ‘Sting of Victory.’ But OK and entertaining enough. 3.5 stars rounded up.

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