Book Review: Cash And The Sorority Girl by Ashley Bartlett

This series got better with each book. I wasn’t so sure about that after reading book 1. But Lex convinced me to continue. I’m glad that I did.

There was a better balance of all the characters in books 2 and 3. I love little Andy but there was way too much of her in book 1. Much better in small doses.

It is hard to review books in a series because I don’t want to give away anything that people will not know if they haven’t read the first few books. (BTW, you need to read all of them. I don’t think these work as standalone.)

I will say that this still suffers from lack of character individuality. I mentioned in my book 2 review that every single person has the same sarcastic dialogue. It is the same in book 3. 

But overall I really enjoyed this one. And the END! Oh my goodness. Now it will be impossible not to read book 4. When is it coming out?!

I recommend this to people who enjoy reading romance, forbidden romance, police, detectives, drug dealers, trying to catch disgusting systematic rapists, old trucks, and gay water.

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