Book Review: Cause and Affect by Sheryl Wright

A unique spin on fauxmance. 

Kara finds herself going to Vegas for the family company conference despite giving her resignation because she has had enough of her father’s treatment and mismanagement of the business. Her brothers and sisters have another plan in mind. Hire a fantasy date to wine and dine Kara to set her up with the confidence to deliver a phenomenal pivot speech that will gain the support of the employees and give her the passion to stay on.

I liked the fresh take on a fake romance. It’s an interesting idea to have only one person know that things aren’t real. And to explore the ramifications of things developing beyond fiction. 

But while the overall plot was intriguing, the book suffered in spots. There were several things that made it difficult for me to finish. The use of ‘honey’ was overused. At times, there were full blocks (pages) of dialogue that felt unnatural. The author would explain, in detail, things that just didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. And that created significant pacing issues with the story. Then toward the end, there was some unnecessary drama that made Kara so insecure it seemed out of character.

After completing the book, I can look back and appreciate the overall plot and characters. But it was tough getting there.

You may like this if you are interested in an unconventional fake romance, Vegas, Toronto, advertising, building restoration, and Labrador Tea.

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