Book Review: Changing Course by Brey Willows

Release Date: Nov 1, 2019
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

Comsos dust and prowler balls, this was good.

Jessa is the captain of a vacation/transport ship that becomes under duress as we start the book. Astroids have caused significant damage resulting in the need to hop into pods and escape. Unfortunately, her pod also falls victim to the same fate, forcing her and her crew to land on a planet that is known for it’s seediness and violence.

Kylin has had to do whatever it takes to survive on the plant Indemniom. That means making deals with shady beings to get what she and her father have needed. She ring fights for money and affirmation. She scrounges for items to resale. Deep down, she has a good heart. She’s just a little jaded by life and people who have disappointed her in the past.

She notices entries/crashes to Indemniom and decides to take her flyer out in search of anything worth reselling. She ends up saving Jessa from slavers who had similar ideas.

I wasn’t sure I was going to like this very much. I had originally not requested this ARC because while the author’s previous book ‘Spinning Tales’ had great world building and was well written, it didn’t excite me. I chalked it up to being a genre that just wasn’t for me. After reading some reviews from respected goodreads friends, I went back and grabbed this one. I’m so pleased to say that this book really captured my interest. It was just as well written as Willow’s previous book, but this one had a greater sense of adventure and intrigue.

The romance is exactly what a good love story should be like. Two people from very different worlds. Coming together under unusual circumstances. Forced together to survive increasingly dangerous obstacles. Denying growing feelings in order to prevent inevitable heartbreak. Having to make difficult decisions about an uncertain future.

I liked the described landscape, walled in cities, different groups of people, the friends they make along the way. The gritty world of Indemniom as an interesting backdrop. I truly felt the danger of roaming the land outside of city walls with the ever present fear of being captured by slavers. And I really got a kick out of the various slang expressions used throughout.

Overall, this was an exciting adventure with a satisfying romance. A quick read that kept me turning pages. A story with a lot of heart.

I recommend to those who like to read romance, spaceships, adventure, loyalty, repaying debts, caring for ailing loved ones, helping those with less, and unique alien characters.

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