Book Review: Christmas and Other Things I Hate by Elizabeth McGivern

Release Date: Oct 31, 2019
Publisher: Pernickety Publishing

This was a great holiday novella! I snagged this for free and did not have any expectations. So imagine my surprise when I didn’t want to put it down.

Jane is a workaholic and prides herself on being an awesome corporate HR employee. It’s too bad they had to let her go a couple of days before Christmas. Most would feel comfort from the idea of going home for the holidays, but Jane has never felt like she belongs. So it just feels like the world is conspiring against her. She meets a woman, Helen, on a plane and it kicks off a humorous adventure for the two of them.

Even though I call this humorous, there is a bit of darkness here too. Helen is going through something very serious. I want to put a trigger warning here, but I feel like it would be too spoilery. So you’ll just have to be triggered, I suppose. It isn’t supposed to be TAKEN so seriously. There is a lot of comedy even surrounding this darkness.

The best thing about this book was Helen. I developed a pretty big crush on her for so few pages. I liked her attitude and how she teased Jane and kept her honest. She was bold and optimistic considering her plight.

There were a lot of fun situations, too. Accidental drugging, kidnapping Jesus, terrible ice skating, awkward family dynamics, and drunken Christmas parties. It was all just really entertaining to read.

It is short. It is cute. And it is worth reading. And their story is going to continue in ‘Dating and Other Things I hate.’ So I am super excited about that!

I recommend to those who like holiday romance, romantic comedy, family drama, picking up strangers, and special brownies.

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