Book Review: Conscious Bias by Alexi Venice

Legal drama.

Monica Spade is a closeted lawyer in Wisconsin. She represents the local hospital. They have some crazy issues that require her legal expertise and representation. To relieve stress and try to shed some extra pounds, she starts a cross fit class and meets, Shelby, a hot woman also taking the class. 

I liked the story. I enjoyed all of the characters. Especially the way Monica could not find the will power to pass up a single cookie or pastry regardless of how much she tried. It had unique scenarios. There is a lot of monkey business going on.

This wasn’t primarily a romance. It was more legal drama with a side story of Monica meeting Shelby and trying to get the nerve up to ask her out. It was well balanced. They had a lot of chemistry. I hope book two goes a bit deeper with them. Monica mentions some cosmic force pulling them together. As if they knew each other in another life. But thinking that and showing us are two different things. I’d like to see a deeper connection happen within the pages.

The only thing I didn’t care for (and it was a big one) was the repetitiveness of details surrounding the trial. Monica interviews all of the players. But then we have to see it all over again almost word for word during the trial. There definitely needed to be some editing there. Generalizing what we had already heard and then actually seeing new dialogue that tells us something different. It was honestly tough for me to get through the trial. I had to skip through a lot of it. And then I feared I would miss something new.

Anyhow, I would recommend this to those who like to read about romance, legal drama, court room trials, homophobic employers, cross fit, and monkeys.

I received an ARC from the ebookit for an honest review.

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