Book Review: Cute Socks by Cammie Conte

Laundry is going to be really easy at the end of the week.

You all made me listen to this. And you told me that I had to listen instead of read. You were right. The narrator was good for this. That little naughty but cute inflection was sweet.

I don’t normally read this kind of story. But this was short and silly. I was entertained. I laughed out loud several times. 

That neighbor was a nasty perverted lady. I don’t know why you all liked her so much. Judy mentioned that she had absolutely no sexual attraction to the neighbor and then I was cringing thinking that some kind of almost assault was going to happen at the neighbor’s house. Thank god that didn’t pan out.

Why did the author make the names of the best friends so similar? Judy and Julia? I had a lot of difficulty trying to picture who was doing what. But since it was so campy, It didn’t REALLY matter.

One thing this book did was make me think of looking up some online articles for some fun games/challenges for myself 😉

I recommend this to those who like super silly erotica.

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