Book Review: Dal Sengo by Jax Meyer

Heart big enough for two

Dal Segno is a sweet age gap romance.

Cam is an ex marine that is trying to redefine her life after the death of her partner. She decides to take music classes at the local college to get back into drumming. 

She meets Laura, a teacher, who also happens to be her high school teacher from 20 years ago. She starts developing feelings but has reservations about them because of her dead partner, fears of trouble Laura could get into for being involved with a student and fear of what their hometown people and family would think.

All of this is a great premise for a book. But it ended up a little less than average for me. There simply was not enough conflict/drama/angst for me. I was expecting so much more and did not get the payoff I desired. 

I thought it was weird that the most important intimate scene was fade to black. Then another one right after was the same. But a random quick romp was explicit. 

And one of the characters directly refers to the other as ‘lover.’ It’s like nails on a chalkboard for me.

Overall. Just OK. 

I recommend to those who like to read about romance, age gap, fluff, no angst, loss, marines, jazz, and Dr. Who.

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