Book Review: Destination You by J.J. Arias

Taylor Lopez travels from New York to Florida for her high school reunion where she reconnects with a teacher she had a major crush on back then.

Raqel Alonso is charmed by the heavy persuasion from her previous student.

Will it be a fling or a future?

I enjoyed the flirtation between the two women. Often, when romances start with a quick encounter at the beginning, the attraction is there, but have a hard time believing in a more meaningful connection. Here, Arias was able to build a sincere mutual appreciation between the two characters that made me root for them to explore more.

I found the book to be mostly sweet. Taylor is beyond perfect. I tend to like my characters a bit more flawed, but who can be mad about a beautiful, employed, selfless, open-minded, remote-working, always available, willing to travel, helpful, sexually adventurous woman?

There wasn’t a lot of angst in this one. Just a story about a teacher who has put her life on hold to care for her ailing father that finds someone who may be able to fit into her unconventional life.

I recommend this to those who enjoy reading about romance, age-gap, long distance relationships, phone dating, spicy scenes, caretaking, and Tik-Tok cooking tutorials.

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