Book Review: Don’t Cry For Me by Rachel Lacey

Release Date: April 20, 2020
Publisher: Self Published

Exactly what I needed.

I have been reading a lot of just so-so books recently. I wasn’t sure if it was because of the quality of books or if maybe my head has been in a funny space as a result of quarantine during this pandemic.

After reading this, I have to assume it was the books I was reading. Because this one had me hooked and invested. It was one of those where it is really inconvenient when you have to do things like sleep, eat, or log into work.

Eve owns her own marketing company and also has a television show that focuses on saving businesses from going under. She learns that her ratings are not where they should be and she is in jeopardy of not getting a third season. On the way home one night, she finds some abandoned newborn kittens.

Josie rescues pets and does animal related YouTube videos. She gets a call from Eve asking her to take the kittens but she can’t do it because she is working night and day at a bar she inherited. She gives Eve tips on how to get them through the night and promises to try and find someone who can take them in.

What follows is a beautiful story of two women tainted with sadness who find a bit of contentedness in each other’s company. And despite their attempts at casual, the intensity of their attraction and depth of their connection, creates something bigger than they ever could have anticipated.

The characters were rich with unique personalities and backstory. I loved both Eve and Josie for all of their endearing qualities and heartbreaking faults. Eve was a sexy, petite, impenetrable business woman throwing herself into work to avoid her own thoughts and memories. Josie was a quirky, full-of-life, altruistic gal working herself into the ground out of obligation.

There is something so satisfying in witnessing someone’s walls crumbling despite all of their attempts at resisting.

I could find no faults in this. It was a deeply moving love story.

I recommend this to anyone who loves to read about romance, reality television, bars, strong chemistry, meaningful history, striving for success, and Broadway kittens.

P.S. A big thanks to Jude for recommending when she heard I was in a reading slump.

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