Book Review: Forever And A Day by Haley Cass

Release Date: August 21, 2020
Publisher: Self

When I heard there was a follow up to ‘Those Who Wait‘ my first thought was ‘Oh no!’

I didn’t want anything to ruin the beautiful love story of Charlotte and Sutton. I shouldn’t have worried. This was the perfect tribute to those two ladies I grew to love.

This is not a full length novel. It is on the short side. Especially in comparison to book 1. It felt like a series of epilogues to me. We get to see how things work out for them throughout incremental stages in their lives.

What was so great about this was that it wasn’t just a bunch of happy and sappy. True to the original, these two had some conflict they needed to overcome. So all of the big feels that I felt reading the first book continued to be there for this one.

If you haven’t read ‘Those who Wait,’ then please correct that right away. Then read this because it equally good and we get more of this adorable couple.

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