Book Review: Heart Failure by Chris Zett

Release Date: Jan 2020
Publisher: YLVA Publishing

Baby makes three.

Jess is a cardiologist who has decided to have a baby because she is getting older and it is within her life plan. Unfortunately, developing a rare form of post pregnancy heart failure wasn’t a part of that plan. Either was moving in with her mother for physical and emotional support. Lena is a fiercely independent woman who is living with Jess’s mom. Sparks fly, but not the good kind.

This is set in the same world as Zett’s earlier book, ‘Irregular Heartbeat.’ I did read that book. The only thing I remembered was that the previous main character was a formerly semi-famous musician. And if I hadn’t remembered it, Zett made it clear to new readers by having Jess refer to her as ‘Dr. Rock Chick’ numerous times. Another reviewer mentioned that the birth scene is re-created from a different POV in this book. I wish that I had remembered it as I probably would have considered it to be a really creative way to kick start things.

Lena was super likable. Over time, we learn about her background and why she closes herself off to attachments with people. She has had a rough go of it but continues to do what it takes to stay afloat. Regardless of her less than desirable situation, she is kind and everyone seems to love her. She deserved way better than Dr. Jess Riley.

I wish that I could have liked Jess. I really wanted to feel like she could redeem herself after treating Lena so despicably. It just didn’t happen for me. No amount of googly baby talk to her daughter could make me endeared to her like it happened for Lena. Jess was too entitled, judgmental, and assuming. And she was kind of that way up until the very end, even.

There were some cute scenes. Like when Jess goes to the cafe to do some snooping around about Lena. When Jess accompanies Lena to pick fruit.

Both Jess and Lena were against pursuing relationships. And it is always entertaining to watch two people fall for each other and try to deny what is happening. Does friends with benefits ever really work out as planned?

The baby was in the picture but kind of in the background. She was very well behaved.

The best part of this book was a little bit of conflict that happened when Jess tried to fix things and it completely backfired. I loved a line of dialogue where Lena firmly tells Jess to not ever do a certain something again.

Overall, this was entertaining and had spots of cuteness. But mostly angst.

I would recommend this to people who like to read about really snotty characters, newborns, doctors, heart issues, awesome moms, estranged family, financial struggles, learning to let people in, fruit picking, art, tai-chi, massages, and way overboard assumptions.

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