Book Review: Heartwood by Catherine Lane

I’m glad this one was recommended to me. Both the past and current stories interwoven throughout the story were gratifyingly mysterious. 

In 1960, Beth Walker falls for a Hollywood actress but never knows if the feelings are truly returned or if it is all an act. 

In the present, Nikka is a lawyer that falls into assisting with managing Beth Walker’s property. She senses something amiss but her drive for corporate advancement clouds her judgement. Maggie, the energetic cook employed at Walker’s estate, challenges Nikka in a way she is not comfortable with.

This explores falling in love during a time when same-sex relationships were not accepted or tolerated. The difficulty of believing in one’s own talents. Insecurity. Morality. 

I loved the setting of the town. It felt like a place I want to visit. 

There are flashbacks. I know some readers don’t like them. But I think they were necessary and worked well for this book. 

The last 20% of the book kind of dragged on a bit. And I wanted to see more revenge or accountability. One character seemingly got off scot free. Regardless, this was one of the better lesbian fiction books I have read. Definitely recommend to anyone who hasn’t read it yet. 

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