Book Review: In The Shadow Of Darkness by Nicole Stiling

Release Date: Feb 1, 2020
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

Blood Disease.

It’s 1926. Angeline is walking home from work and meets Kathryn, a beautiful red headed predator who attacks. Fast forward to present day and Meghan finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time at the local Gas ‘N’ Eats. She wakes up in a parking lot and finds Angeline, a beautiful brunette predator who saves.

This book alternates between past and present as we learn about how Angeline has been shaped into the person she is today. I liked the mystery and how things were uncovered a little bit with each progressing chapter.

Lately I have been reading books that are outside of my usual genre and have been rewarded for stepping outside of my comfort zone. This book is no exception. What I appreciate about this story is that it is very modernized. When I think of vampires, what comes to mind are caskets, castles, crosses, bodices, garlic, stakes through the heart, etc. This one sort of pokes fun at those things as just being silly stories told over time.

There was a bit of sarcasm and humor as Meghan tries to wrap her mind around the idea of vampires. And even more as she finds herself becoming invested in Angeline’s welfare and trying to decide if one should get involved with a creature of the night.

So people in this small town are suddenly being drained of their blood and Angeline and Meghan try to find out who is doing the killing.

I felt like there was an opportunity to create more suspicion as to who was doing the killing. There were certainly some side characters that we could have been a red herring. And the romance was a little bit too insta love for my preference.

Overall it was a very entertaining read. I liked the interactions between Angeline and Meghan.

I recommend this to those who like to read about romance, murder, mystery, suspense, loyalty, loss, letting go, accepting love, and rare blood diseases.

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