Book Review: It’s Complicated by Evelyn Dar

Shouldn’t have been THAT complicated.

I just have to say right off that I was totally into this book. 

It was hard to get into at first because I’m not used to whatever ghetto latina language that was going on within the Torres family and friends.

Bailey is an FSU student in Tallahassee that has always been in love with her high school English teacher, Caitlyn, who was there to help her and her family through a lot of hard times. 

So much crazy shit happens in this. It was like watching a car wreck. You know you shouldn’t, but can’t help but look. Things would happen and I’d roll my eyes, but then get completely sucked in. I can’t explain it. 

So uh, slow burn for sure. A Lot of will they/won’t they. Secrets. Backstories. Family. Drugs. Hood. Escorts. You name it!

Honestly, I liked this so much it could have been a 5 rating for me! But alas, it had a few issues. 

There were too many instances of sucking teeth. I don’t even know what that is. I would picture the characters mimicing a rabbit. ‘Bailey Torres’ sounds like a character from ‘Greys Anatomy.’ Bailey’s username was too crass for her character. She was a top-of-her-class and highly motivated young woman. No way she would have something as Juvenile as ’69’ in her screen name. There were some editing issues. And the biggest issue for me was that scenes were not separated with dividers, so everything just confusingly ran together. 

But this book was LIT (As one of the Torres family would say). HA.

Special shout out to incredible wifey tension whenever Bailey was a topic of discussion. And to an incredible in-class colorful reveal. 

I think this could be a bit polarizing for some readers. But give it a shot and maybe you will like this overly dramatic story as much as I did.

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