Book Review: Just One Moment by Dena Blake

A soap opera.

Chloe is an artist and married to Shay who is an actuary. Shay cheats on Chloe with a coworker. After 6 months of separation, Chloe moves on with another woman. Shay finds out. Distraught and distracted, she gets in a serious car accident. Chloe must decide if she should provide support for her wife or ship her off to Shay’s homophobic parents.

First, I have to say that I was thoroughly entertained throughout this book. There was always some sort of drama happening. It was predictable, but still kept me engaged. 

Even though this deals with infidelity, the author does a good job at giving us glimpses into what caused the rift between Chloe and Shay that led to the betrayal. And I think she did a good job at showing how it could be possible to fall back in love with someone who has broken your heart. 

This really did read like a soap opera, though. It felt like we were a part of every sequential moment of their lives. And some of it seemed repetitive because something would happen from one of their POV and then in the next chapter we would read about it from the other’s POV. Just in a slightly different way.

This did not have flashbacks per-say. But there are journal entries being read all of the time that feel flashback-like. It wasn’t bothersome, though. It seemed like a creative way to reveal certain things.

What was the point of Jackson and Whitney getting pregnant? That literally had no impact on the story what-so-ever. And this isn’t a spoiler specifically because of that.

Overall, this was an OK read.

I recommend to people who like DRAMA RAMA, angst, hospitals, therapies, jealousy, non-communication, art, beach houses, Florida, Tahoes, and onion flavored pizza.

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