Book Review: Love On Lavender Lane by Karis Walsh

This is an enjoyably sweet love story. 

Paige is a self employed consultant that evaluates struggling corporate businesses to provide proposals that should repair and cultivate future success. One client commissions her to evaluate his daughter Kassidy’s farm with the intention of getting her to admit it is a failure and sell it so she can go work for him.

The best aspect of this book was the slow build of feelings. We get to understand how the main characters are feeling as they develop emotions. I felt the giddiness of falling in love along with them. 

I liked all the characters. There was fun and realistic dialogue. The main characters were flirty and had some snarky banter. 

I was interested in the lavender farm. But the book slowed down for me a bit when they got too heavily into conversation about the details. I understand that a large part of this book is about providing ideas for improvement, but it felt a bit weighed down by it.

Overall, I recommend this to those who like to read about romance, farm life, family issues, cute dogs, and crime scene tape.

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