Book Review: Love Unscripted by Emma Collins

A heartwarming age gap romance

Riley is a closeted lesbian actress that has dreams of being a screenwriter. She has trouble coming up with a fresh idea, so she decides to practice by adapting a favorite book. Once written, it is good enough to run with but she needs to get permission from the author…

I liked the characters and how often they interacted despite living entirely across country from each other. Their past experiences caused most of the conflict. It was all very believable and kept me engaged. It tugged on my heart strings several times.

It wasn’t without issue, though. Several places ‘was’ was used instead of ‘were.’ Some editing issues ‘kind of sort’ instead of either ‘sort of ‘kind of. And the lead actress was described as having a stylish home in Bakersfield. Which is just… not likely. 

But I really enjoyed this. 

I recommend those that are interested in romance, loss, celebrity, coming out stories, following dreams, and wardrobes full of white pants/shorts.

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