Book Review: Loved And Lost by Stephanie Kuziak

I don’t know how to feel about this book. It started out so depressing that I didn’t think I could get through it. Then I was intrigued with where the story unexpectedly went. It began to drag a bit. I started speed reading until the last chapter. Those last pages gave me major anxiety. And then it was done. 

I can’t say a whole bunch because most of what I want to comment on would be a spoiler. 

What I liked was that the story was unique. Not something you read every day. I loved the angst. It was the most emo book I have ever read. The writing was so deep and reflective that it resonated and made you feel things in a very visceral way. I loved the characters. They all felt like family and I cared about them. There were plenty of steamy scenes and while I’m generally a prude when it comes to reading explicit sex, I was on board for it here because none of it was gratuitous. More than anything, this book is about all encompassing love and that was ever present during those moments and added to the couple dynamic. 

There were things that bothered me. Repetitiveness. Making love to someone’s lips or mouth is a very unique way to describe kissing. So you notice it when it is used around 5 times. Although I love my angst, SOME of it in the beginning was a bit over the top. Could have cut out some of the misery and still drove the point home. The flashbacks were pertinent and added to the story, but there were too many and sometime not executed well. I got lost because flashbacks were both flashbacks of the past and the future. There were some editing issues but not too many to distract. 

AND the end. I don’t even know what to think. I loved the realization made by the swing in the last chapter. I hated what happened in the final paragraphs. 

It felt like there could be another installment coming, which I would happily read. But since I am just noticing that this was published in 2014, I doubt that is going to happen. Unless it has and I just don’t know?

OH, I wish I could give this 5 stars. It felt like it should be a 5 star. But I just can’t. Needed shorter length, less angst (I can’t believe I am saying that), and a different ending… or a another book to continue on.

But I recommend reading. It was a unique story and was an EXPERIENCE.

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