Book Review: Madeleine by Emma Nichols


A beautiful story of attraction and love that can’t be suppressed. 

Claudette finds work on the Railway in a rural town. She is the only woman on the job and it is only by favor of her father’s influences. 

Claude saves a young girl from drowning and walks her and her brother to the restaurant their family owns. There, she meets thier mother, Madeleine.

The rest, is a wonderful journey as they find love, family, and face challenges a long the way. Some of them seemingly insurmountable.

I really liked the pacing. Never too fast or too slow. Just enjoyed the ride.

Madeleine was a great character. She was surprisingly strong and self aware for a woman of that era. 

There were a few times I was frustrated with Claude. But I just overlooked it because of her young age. Oh yeah, there was an age gap. It really wasn’t an issue. 

The best thing about this was the depth and quality of emotion. Through combination of thoughts, movements, and words, you very much feel the longing. 

Only thing that bothered me was dialogue from Claude at times. It felt formal with Madeleine when I expected a little bit more familiarity or intimacy. 

Definitley a good read for those who like romance, kids, and books set in the past.

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