Book Review: Meant To Be Me by Wendy Hudson

Anyone else have The Police song ‘Every Breath You Take’ in their head for this one? CREEPY STALKER. That is the theme of this book. 

Darcy is a hopeless romantic that can’t find love. The ladies are ditching her and the worst of it all is she has a stalker. She clumsily meets Eilidh (A-lee) on a bridge early one cold and dark morning. They exchange numbers but the timing just doesn’t seem to be right. Eilidh is just coming out of a 9 year relationship and Darcy’s best friend is going through a heck of a time and requires her support. The rest is a mysterious, suspenseful, and psychological jumble of 90,000+ words.

Yes, this was long. At times, I felt like this could have been left out and that seemed a bit repetitive. But I mostly just enjoyed reading it. I was never bored. I was always pulled to want to read what happens next. And there were times where I was truly anxious about the events that were happening. There were some intense drama/action in parts.

This is tagged as ‘Romantic Suspense.’ I didn’t feel that the romance in the book was super strong. To me, this was mostly a story about a stalker and there happened to be a side dose of romance. And that is probably the only reason I could forgive the lack of chemistry between the romantic pairing. When I think of it like that, I don’t think it hindered the book in any way. But if I was judging this based on romance, it would have been a disappointment.

I recommend this to anyone who enjoys creepy stalkers, likable main characters, sailing, cabins, hot tubs, car chases, family issues, disabilities, and re-heated lasagna.

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