Book Review: Media Darling by Fiona Riley

Happy Place

Reading this was a happy place for me. 

A reporter is assigned to tell the real story behind an actress after someone attempts a smear campaign. 

The characters were well developed. I really liked them all. The relationship blossomed with authenticity. I sincerely believed in their feelings and insecurities. 

The book was lengthy and I loved it. I wish I could’ve spent more time with them.

Two things prevented a five star for me. One, I was a little put off with the number of times the author used “All the…” For example “All the food.” ‘All the feelings” “All the kisses.” Maybe not those exactly, but you get the idea. Two, I just didn’t get one of the characters change of mind toward the end. It felt like just a plot device to add additional drama. I’m all for drama, but only when it is believable. And this had me scratching my head. 

But those were just tiny and nitpicky things. Overall, I really loved this story. It felt different than other celebrity type stories I have read. In a very good way.

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