Book Review: Music City Dreamers by Robyn Nyx

Louie is a butch songwriter that leaves Chicago to pursue her dreams in Nashville. Right upon arrival, she hits it off with a talented young singer and decides to room with him.

Heather is a scout for a major music label, recently promoted after her mentor was fired for being gay. She has to live a closeted life because she would lose everything. All she really wants to do is start her own label and then she can be herself.

The stakes rise for all involved as their paths merge. All pursuing similar dreams but having to do so I’m drastically different ways. 

The story was entertaining and I was invested in the outcome. The main characters had a lot of chemistry. Tons of tension as circumstances dictate the pace of their courtship. 

I didn’t care for all of the labels and focus on sexuality. At one point, one of the characters referred to her past girlfriends as ‘long hairs’ and I couldn’t stop picturing long hair cats and dogs. Is that really a thing people say? Anyhow, I certainly appreciate sexual diversity in books. There aren’t enough butch leads. But I don’t want to read about it like I’m studying sexuality 101. It was a little overboard for me. 

The end was a bit abrupt for me. And I expected something a little more grand. 

This one was OK.

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