Book Review: Nerd Love by Magnolia Robbins

I expected more

After falling in love with Robbin’s ‘Forbidden Melody,’ my expectations were high. This didn’t live up to them. 

Don’t get me wrong. It was OK. Maybe I am unfairly comparing. 

Reese is a television star. Her best friend, Lucy, is a nerd that works in a comic/game store. 

Reese’s agent wants her to date her costar, Justine, to drum up good plublicity for the show. Reese highly dislikes Justine and has no intention of doing that. 

As fate would have it, Reese and Lucy get photographed by paps and the world suddenly thinks they are an item. And they agree to play along for awhile. 

Some of this was hard for me to believe. Why Reese would ever consider dating her best friend (Who writes creepy fanfiction for Reese’s show), I’ll never understand. 

There is a part where Reese is describing football to Lucy but calls the point after attempt a field goal. 

Things progressed a little too quickly for me. Not even one conversation about how this could negatively impact their friendship. 

Lucy was this geeky girl that plays D&D. But was a tiger when intimate. It just didn’t feel true to the character. 

I think I am just disappointed and overly picky about it. 

It was decently written. Not any editing issues that stood out. The story was cute but a little predictable. Just OK.

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