Book Review: Never Just Friends by Lily Craig

The narrator for this one… wow. I don’t think I can even put into words what she sounded like. A game show host announcing something? It really wasn’t awesome for me.

The story didn’t offer up anything unique that would really overcome the narration. So this ended up being JUST OK.

Georgie leaves town after her best friend (aka unrequited love), Madeline, comes out but horrifically states that she would never date her. She’s got to sail away. Sail away. She’s gotta just sail away into the night…

But a year later Madeline has figured out that she misses Georgie and realizes that she is the love of her life. So she planned a holiday trip to the cabin where she is going to tell Georgie how she feels.

Things happen. Timing isn’t great. 

I felt like t his wasn’t very believable. I had to stretch my imagination to think that Georgie would react the way she did. Or that Madleine we be so full on all of the sudden. 

Overall it was an OK listen.

I recommend to those who love romance, unrequited love, angst, and snow.

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