Book Review: No Strings by Lucy Bexley

Published: Jan 13, 2022
Publisher: Self

Fangley is a popular little puppet vampire that brings in high ratings for Haelstrom Media. His mommy, Elsie, isn’t compensated nearly enough for creating the children’s show Fangley Heights. She has is trying to renegotiate her contract to represent what she deserves but the suits continue to counter offer increasingly insulting terms.

Jones Haelstrom’s father, head of Haelsrom media, passes away and she is forced to temporarily step in as acting CEO and take care of her much younger brother.

This is an entertaining story about two flawed characters that come into each other’s lives and end up being the support they didn’t know they needed. Elsie is a quirky character with a great personality. You can’t help but develop a little crush on her. But I really appreciated Jones and her and how Bexley tackled the topic of her crushing depression that can’t be solved with someone wanting to fix her.

There were plenty of funny moments where I laughed out loud. And there were some moments I suspected were supposed to be funny, but I felt left out of the joke. (This is probably all on me. I’m always the slowest/last person to get a joke and most of the time it has to be explained to me.)

But overall, this had a great balance between comedy, drama, and romance. It was sweet at times. I loved how they were so clearly good for each other but because of their situation (and perfectly well meaning but terribly executed contract), they couldn’t really discuss how their feelings were changing. I couldn’t have asked for a better book to start the year off with.

I recommend this to those who love romance, puppets, babysitting, bad contract negotiations, purple pens, and peanut butter smothered pop tarts.

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