Book Review: Not The Marrying Kind by Jae

I hadn’t realized that this was a secondary book to ‘Perfect Rhythm.’ No worries, you do not need to have read that book to enjoy this one. 

Ashley is a mega closeted lesbian that owns the one flower shop (The Flower Girl) in the town of Fair Oaks, Missouri. She has convinced herself that she needs to live a life alone because there is no way that she can come out. Her parents would disown her, the town would hate her, she would lose business, etc. Plus, it is not like there are any other available girl loving ladies in her town anyway.

She is thrown into working with the local baker, Sasha, who just happens to be pansexual. And thus begins a journey of self acceptance.

I could really relate to Ashley’s character. I was out to everyone except my parents until I was 30 years old. Like Ashley, I felt they would disown me if they knew. Ashley’s dad was OK with a gay wedding so long as they didn’t have anything to do with it. I donated services to design a gay prom website and showed it to my dad. He said “I wish you would pick better clients.” Ashley’s mom didn’t think fondly of the gayness either. When I decided to move out and move to Kansas, my mom’s departing words were “I just don’t want to hear anything gay.” So I could really understand what Ashley was struggling with. 

The chemistry was off the charts between Ashley and Sasha. On top of that, all of their interactions were charged with emotion. This book really gave me the feels. Quite a few times, actually.

Anyhow, I loved it. 

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