Book Review: Other Girls by Avery Brooks

Release Date: Dec 17, 2019
Publisher: Bywater Books

When your bully comes calling.

Sam is a single mother in New Orleans. A marketing professional just trying to get by. Her simple life is thrown into turmoil when her high school bully, Ashley, comes back to town unexpectedly.

I really enjoyed this book. There was a lot to discover and feel right along with Sam.

Sam wants so much more from her career. She has been working hard for a long time but never getting anywhere because she is not a part of the boys club. Ashley brings back a flood of insecurities as Sam recalls her horrible childhood and all of the bullying she had to endure. And those feelings conflict with how she is feeling now for Ashley, who seems be completely different than her younger self, but how can Sam be sure? And Sam is still holding a torch for her deceased wife. With Anna being taken away from her so abruptly she has never felt any closure. The guilt of moving on plays a big part in this.

This has a very good balance of angst, conflict, and hope. The characters were both flawed and real and I loved them.

I highly recommend this book to people who like to read romance, loss, forgiveness, moving on, moving up, softball, New Orleans, kids, and giraffes.

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