Book Review: Paper Love by Jae

So I have decided that I like Abby Craden’s narration of books. I think I will just have to lean on listening to hers going forward for good audio book experiences.

Paper Love is a sweet romance. Susanne begrudgingly travels to Freiburg to. help her uncle’s failing business. Anja has worked with Susanne’s uncle for years. Their working relationship starts off a bit rocky when Susanne misreads one of Anja’s responses as homophobic. Together, they will try to save niche stationary/journal/pen store. 

This had everything I like in a good romance. A rocky start. One of the characters being a bit cold and aloof. Being forced to work together. Cute scenarios that push their proximity to one another. Fighting against falling. 

Their dialogue was on point. Mature. No contrived miscommunication. Just two women navigating their life challenges together. 

I liked the supporting characters as well. Anja had a fun best friend. Susanne had a sister that she would refer to as her wombmate since they were twins. Really cute. 

I was a little confused in regards to the Uncle. I could have sworn that he was nudging the two of them toward being together and so was completely surprised when he confronted Susanne in a negative manner later in the book. It felt a bit inconsistent/conflicting to me.

There was some explicit intimate scenes. They were sexy. For the record, I agree with Anja about shower sex being overrated.

Overall, you just can’t go wrong with a Jae book.

I recommend this to people who like to read about romance, Germany, superstitions, BMW of pens, crowded trains, and paper boats.

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