Book Review: Perfect Partners by Maggie Cummings

How can you go wrong with a book about service dogs and a law enforcement lesbian handler in training?

Answer Key: You can’t.

Sara has been a K-9 handler/trainer for years. Dream job. Can’t think of doing anything else. Isabel (Izzy) is an NYPD cop on assignment to get some training and paired up with a service dog. 

This book had a lot of themes to sink into that I hadn’t anticipated. Past relationships that you just can’t let go of and how that impacts quality of life. Potentially having feelings for someone in a dangerous profession and wondering if it is worth the risk. Loss that shapes the perception of future relationships. Jealousy that occurs when the one you love is subconsciously hedging bets. 

Mix all of that in with some sweet dog training and an anxious finish to find yourself with a great read.

I loved the depth. I loved the characters. And aside from the use of ‘boob’ and ‘buffoon’ as self deprecating descriptors, the dialogue was great. 

I wish that we would have spent more time with Izzy as a cop. Also, everything was super predictable (although still completely enjoyable).

This is a quick and satisfying read for anyone who loves romances. Or dogs. 

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