Book Review: Pretending In Paradise by M Ullrich

No pretending to love this book!

Emma is a travel reviewer who puts her company at risk after having relations with someone from a resort she recently evaluated. Caroline is a public relations person hired to help clean up the company image. Emma needs to review a couples retreat and the boss sends Caroline as her +1 to keep her in line while the lawyers work on burying the lawsuit. 

These two do not get along in the begging. At. All. To be honest, I didn’t like Emma very much at first. I felt she was a bit too critical of Caroline. Thankfully I did end up liking her as I got to know her more throughout the story.. This was my ONLY complaint in the entire book: I wish I could have liked Emma all along. 

There were a lot of fun situations they were put in. Some interesting characters encountered. Swoon worthy outings. This was another book where I super enjoyed just being that fly on the wall as I witnessed the relationship evolve. 

Caroline’s previous relationship and family issues provide a depth that propels this beyond just a light read romance. There is some realistic conflict that happens. 3/4 into the book. I like a little bit of angst to get my heart beating. This checked the box. 

Oh. And I’m not the biggest fan of intimate scenes, but I can’t complain about the ones between these pages. Chemistry off the charts and supported by emotion. 

I really liked this one. My first from this author. I will need to go read some of her previous books.

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